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Investigating Ethical Functions in Marketing Management

One of the necessities of economic development and prosperity of the countries is paying attention to business ethics. Observing the ethics by governments and managers in a given country leads to dynamic and prosperity of a healthy economy. Given the importance of ethics in today’s business and the role of ethics as a strategy to advance the company's objectives in the face of competitors, conducting investigation in this area is an essential. The objective of this study is to explain the role of ethical standards and values in business and marketing. With a comprehensive review of the basics and theoretical literature of the study, it was revealed that observing ethics in all marketing activities is an essential, especially the activities of the marketing mix. Using the analytical and descriptive method and review of existing articles in this area, this study explains the role of ethics in marketing. It also examines the factors affecting the ethical marketing decisions in a company. Finally, we provide recommendations for applying the ethical issues in main marketing topics. Key words - Ethics, Business Ethics, Organizational Ethics, Ethics in Marketing Mix, Ethical Marketing Decisions.