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"International Responsibility of Human Trafficking Under International Law”

International law is a powerful conduit for combating human trafficking. Human trafficking is generally under stood to refer the process through which individuals are placed or maintained in an exploitative situation for economic gain. Trafficking can occur within a country or may involve movements across borders. Women’s, Men and children's are trafficked for a range of purposes and exploitative labor in factories, farms and private household ,sexual exploitation and forced marriage trafficking of facts all regions and most countries of the world. Very year thousands of men, women and children fall into the hand of trafficking of their own countries and abroad and international organizations, even within The UN system itself, looked at human trafficking or trafficking in persons differently depending on which there it was seen as a form on of modern day slavery, illegal migration, forced migrations, prostitution or human smuggling. Therefore it was not until 15,November 2000 when the United Nationals for first time in international law defined human trafficking in the protocol to prevent, suppress punish trafficking in persons, especially women and children, the trafficking protocol supplements the United Nations convention against transnational organized crime and entered into force on 25 December 2003. All though human trafficking has a long ignoble history, it was only recently that trafficking has become a mayor political issue for states and the international community and subject of detailed international rules. Slavery, servitude, child sexual exploitation, forced marrige, servile from of marriage child marriege, enforced prostitution are also trafficking related practice that are prohibited under international human rights law. Keywords- Human trafficking, puprotocol, organization and prostitution, child labor, job opportunity, use of modern technology, internet crime, women supply, social media awareless,household and forced labor and forced marriage.