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Sms4dads – The Information Technology Architecture of An Ehealth Application

Ongoing advances in web technologies has facilitated innovative opportunities for many traditional industry sectors to move services into the virtual realm. eHealth is one contemporary field that has come of age and continues to expand due to the rapidly evolving information and communication web based technologies it is founded upon. It is increasingly common to find systems integrating multimedia features, mobile and email messaging, customized user experiences and data analytics into a single system that provides enhanced eHealth services to an expanding global user base. Our research has contributed a number of significant innovative solutions to this area. SMS4Dads, detailed in this paper, represents an eHealth platform delivering support and mental health services to new fathers. Based on web technologies, SMS4Dads integrates personalized messaging services, surveys and data analysis of results, multimedia self-help resources in addition to traditional web site features. As part of the research, SMS4Dads included a Randomized Control Trial RCT stage preceded by the initial pilot case study. To date, SMS4Dads has received overwhelming positive feedback from users, peers, industry, and the media. It has formed the base architecture of a whole suite of follow on applications supporting a diversifying range of eHealth services. Index Terms—eHealth, Mobile Architecture, Mood Tracker, Web Application, Web Technologies.