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Financial Knowledge, Behavior and Attitude of Micro Business Owners: Basis for Developing Financial Literacy Training Modules

The study was undertaken to address one of the perennial problems that people are facing – POVERTY. Poverty which is often times brought by poor money management. The subject of this research includes one sector of the Philippines’ economy – the micro business owners of a selected public market.The ultimateobjective of this research was to determine the level of financial knowledge, behavior and attitude of the target population. A standardized questionnaire, developed by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) was adapted for this study. Using the questionnaire, the level of financial knowledge, behavior and attitude of the target respondents were measured. The findings revealed that numerous of the micro business owners have average level of financial knowledge, average level of financialbehavior and low level of financial attitude. It was also found out on this study that financial knowledge and behavior are positively correlated, as well as financial knowledge and financial attitude. Analyses of the data gathered led the researchers to the development of training modules designed to improve the overall level of financial literacy of the micro-business owners. Index Terms - Financial literacy, financial knowledge, financial behavior, financial attitude, micro business