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Rapid Detection of Tetradifon Pesticide using Screen Printed Carbon Electrode

The quest for simple, rapid, and sensitive electrochemical sensing of tetradifon pesticide is carried out. Tetradifon is a potential carcinogenic and mutagenic compound and reported to endanger human health. However,to date, only one report has been found that described the electrochemical determination of tetradifon. Thus, using screen printed carbon based disposable electrode, the rapid, sensitive, and selective electrochemical sensing of tetradifon in phosphate buffer is reported here. The method is promising and very suitable for in-field analysis. The tetradifon was reduced in the potential range of 0 V and -2 V at a scan rate of 50 mV/s by cyclic voltammetry (CV). The interference study and recovery from real sample solutions for tetradifon were conducted under optimized conditions. Moreover, the mechanism of reduction of tetradifon was established.