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Patients Satisfaction in Primary Health Care Services in Primary Care Setting Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Objective: To evaluate patients' satisfaction in primary health care (PHC) services center. Methods : cross sectional study design was conducted in the primary health care center at Dharhan. Subjects were selected using systematic random sampling method , data were collected using a pre-tested, self-administered questionnaire. Results: A total of 400 patients (90% response rate) completed the questionnaire. The mean score for overall satisfaction was (3.665) out of a maximum of 5 points. The highest satisfaction was for nursing performance (3.99) and the lowest for pharmacy (3.38). The mean score of satisfaction with the physician performance, radiology , general aspect of health care, laboratory ,continuity of care and accessibility were 3.88 ,3.81 ,3.78 ,3,52 ,3.52 and 3.44 respectively .The single male and female participants were significantly more satisfied in general about the center (3.87) but the satisfaction with nurses performance was the highest among married participants and (3.89) about their satisfaction with doctors performance. Educational level of participants had significant impact on their level of satisfaction about overall performance and general aspects of health center in that the less the educational level the higher were their satisfaction about the center and vice versa and difference was statistically significant < 0.05 . Other socio-demographic characteristics showed statistically significant difference p< 0.05 was noticed in participants with age of 20 and below. Conclusion: The level of satisfaction with primary health care services was modest . The results revealed areas in which quality improvement is required as accessesibility of care and pharmacy services