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Numerical Solution of Transiient Two-Phase Flow in A Pipe

This paper presents a transient compressible one dimensional single pressure model representing the system of the two-phase flow for predicting and modelling the flow physics of two-phase flow. This model consist the interfacial interactions properties of the fluids at the interface and also with walls of the pipe. The governing equations were solved numerically using the implicit Steger-Warming flux vector splitting method. Numerical results on air-water compressible flow problems are preformed and analysed. A numerical computation for test case problem of water faucet was evaluated. The results for the gas hold up and liquid velocity was obtained and compared to the analytical solution for the water faucet case was presented and shows good agreement with analytical solution. The discretization for various cells and time evolution are presented that give an insight for the convergence and stability of the numerical scheme for on the test cases. Key words- Two-Phase Flow, Two-Fluid Model, Steger-Warming, Transient, Pipe