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A’BAJI’: A Solution For Makassaresse Prohibited Alternative Marriage (A Case Study Of Silariangin Gowa District, Indonesia)

This research aims to disclose the complex marriage system called silariangin Makasaresse society at Gowa district. Silariangis a violent against family’s dignity due to it relates with Makassar people’s local wisdom called siri’. This social phenomenon is crucial because it is a prohibited marriage tradition that occurs in Indonesia particularly in Gowa district. The research questions in this research are: (1) “How the alternative marriage silariangoccurred to Makassar community in Gowa regency?” and (2) “What is the solution of alternative marriage silariangthat occurred in Gowa regency?”The methodology of this research are literature review and in-depth interview. The literature sources are journals, research results andrelevant books. The interview was conducted on April 2015 and involved the doers of silariangand their family. They are: ANT (Anto), KK (Kiki), Mansyur, Singara, Mahmud, and Marni. The findings show that they did elopement which obviously would start a social conflict between two families, but the social conflict would be not exist if a’baji’ as the solution against silariang was taken as both families expected. The main reason why ANT and KK decided to do elopement was because they did not get permit to get married at that time, and in general it was because how expensive the bride price which was not affordable for the man. Keywords - Elopement marriage, silariang, social-conflict