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Building An Automated Analysis System To Analyze Correlation Between Two Diseases Using A Cohort Study Design And A Longitudinal Health Insurance Database

In Taiwan, the National Health Insurance Research Database (NHIRD) plays an important role in medical research. NHIRD studies have grown rapidly both in terms of publication number and quality since 2000. The Longitudinal Health Insurance Database (LHID) is a data subset of the NHIRD that was specifically constructed for research purposes. The data forming the LHID is both important and numerous and are many researchers utilizing the NHIRD or the LHID as a research resource now. Among published journals in 2014, the cohort study design is widely used for analyzing data from the NHIRD. With the growth of information in medical databases, efficiency when carrying out research using a medical database is becoming important. However, we have been unable to identify any Taiwanese publications that have used an automated analysis system with either the NHIRD or the LHID A lot of useful information is held in the NHIRD and therefore it is important to discover such information in a speed and efficient manner. In our study, we have implemented an automatic analysis system that is able to analyze correlations between any two diseases using a cohort study design and the LHID. Index Terms - Cohort Study, Expert System, LHID, NHIRD