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Rural And Urban Economic Participation And Job Quality In Hidalgo, Mexico

The state of Hidalgo, one of the 32 Federative entities of Mexico, has been characterized as one of the poorest and most marginalized in the country. This situation is related to the levels of economic productivity and the redistribution of wealth, as well as to the organization and characteristics of the labor market. In this research, I analyze in a demographic perspective, the participation of the population in the labor market, considering one of the main aspects of the job quality, which is the social security, specifically the access to health services by contractual status. This job quality parameter is analyzed by contrasting the economic participation between rural and urban contexts, as well as by gender condition. Being Hidalgo an entity with a predominance of rural population, dedicated to activities in this sector, the conditions of informality and precariousness in the employment have persisted during the first decade of the XXI century, but there have been some changes in the quality of life due to access to health services derived from public policies. Keywords - Economic participation; labor, job quality; informality; precariousness, Hidalgo, Mexico.