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Exploring Trust In The Mobile World

There has been rapid growth and popularity since the start of the 21st century of location based service (LBS) apps, prompting various studies concerning trust and user acceptance of e-commerce and mobile services, employing various adaptations and modifications of the most widely recognised acceptance of information systems model; The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM).However, the Technology Acceptance Model for Mobile Services (TAMM) is identified from the literature as being a more suitable framework for research seeking to consider aspects of trust with respect to LBS apps. Developed from TAM, it is specifically designed to evaluate user acceptance of mobile services, with the notable addition of the trust construct. The findings from this study showed that trustwas found to be an influential factor of user acceptance of both preinstalled weather apps and with respondents who downloaded a weather app for use on their smartphone. The research findings therefore may have implications for a wider application to LBS app developers and organisations. Given the importance of trust identified in this study, future research could aim to further identify the influencing factors of trustand user acceptance by users of weather apps across a broader range of Information Communication Technology (ICT)mobile devices in an expanded geographical sample frame set. Keywords - Trust, weather apps, Smartphones, Technology Acceptance Model for Mobile Services, TAMM, Location Based Services.