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Construction And Implementation Of Games Information System In The 13th National Games Of China

Multi-sport Games is one of the important social and cultural activities all over the world. It is a necessity to establish the information system for the multi-sport Games, along with the increase in the social concern and participation, and the development of computer and information technology. Games Information System provides complex, accurate and prompt on-site services of all kinds of Games information and results during the competition, and provides more detailed and convenient information services for athletes, coaches, competition officials, OC staff, audiences, media & the public. In this way, the Games Information System ensures the efficient running of the on-site game management and game organization. The 13th NATIONAL GAMES OF CHINA will be held in Tianjin, From August 27 to September 8, 2017.This paper was completed during the construction and implementation of the system, and discussed about the top-level design of the system. Up to now,the system went well during the system test and Technology practice. Keywords - Multi-sport Games, Games Information System, Timing & Scoring System, On-venue Result System.