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Comparison Of Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy And Career Attitude Maturity Between Gifted Entrepreneurs And General Students

This research studies the comparison of Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy and Career Attitude Maturity between gifted entrepreneurs and general students and an effect Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy on Career Attitude Maturity. The results of the study are as below. First, gifted entrepreneurs presented a higher CDMSE and CAM than general students did, which implies that gifted entrepreneurs have higher confidence and better established identities during career decisions than their general counterparts. Second, CDMSE affects CAM positively in both gifted entrepreneurs and general students. Specifically, the goal setting aspect of CDMSE explains CAM in a statistically significant manner in gifted entrepreneurs and goal setting, occupation information, and problem solving aspects of CDMSE significantly explains CAM in general students. The writer wishes that this research be used in understanding CDMSE and CAM in both gifted entrepreneurs and general students and preparing career development programs fit to their traits. Keywords - Gifted Entrepreneurs, Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy, Career Attitude Maturity