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Palliative Care For Finally Aging In The Community Setting

Introduction - According to the aging society, the continually increased senior citizens in the global. Thailand affected this situation especially elder who unable to control themselves from many sufferings. They needed more support from every surrounding people. Especially in community setting, finally aging required more from many stakeholders based on their culture and norms. Therefore, many essentials should be desired for these finally populations. Objective - This study aimed to develop the collaborative palliative care for finally aging in the community setting. Method - Mutual-Collaborative Action Research integrated with cross-cultural care was provided to guide this study. Content analysis was used to analyze the qualitative data. Result - Many factors affected palliative care for finally aging in the community setting included aging health conditions, caregiver’s behaviors and concerns, healthcare provider supports, and health system as well as local organization supports. For different culture, cross-cultural care has significant factors to develop effective palliative care. Especially, the multidisciplinary team approach predisposed a key successful ofthe collaborative palliative care for finally aging in community context. Moreover, not only finally aging needed effective care their family caregivers also. Conclusion - Based on the multi-dimensional of community setting, palliative care always required more supports from key shareholders. Additionally for encouraging the spiritual health, the palliative care in community should be developed by collaborative between all stakeholders in every levels of health system. For further study, the appropriate strategies would be considered based on multi-cultural and norms for community palliative care. Key words - Palliative Care, Finally Aging, Community Setting