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Efficiency of Freight Transportation Infrastructure on International Trade Through a Data Envelopment Analysis Network

Trade logistics involve key steps to facilitate international trade. In this regard, freight transport infrastructure has an important role in international trade efficiency. The aim of this research is to calculate the efficiency levels of 27 countries. We implement a Dynamic DEA model (Data Envelopment Analysis Network) or non-parametric technique DEA Network for the year 2014. The results show that Germany, Argentina, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Brazil, Brunei and Costa Rica were the countries with the highest levels of efficiency in freight transportation infrastructure, while the least efficient country was India with 13%. The results also indicate that the great majority of the analyzed countries show inefficiency in the use of resources, and are not achieving maximum optimization revenue. These results also show the importance of implementing strategies that lead to progressive efficiency in international freight transportation infrastructure –with the aim of strengthening investment in infrastructure– and labor policies that contribute to better training of employed personnel. Keywords - Dynamic, DEA, Freight transportation, logistics.