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A Study On The Role Of Training In Human Resources For The Development Of Skills And Entrepreneurship

This study examines the role of training in human resources for the development of skills and entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurship training is a systematic, intentional and goal-oriented process in which non-entrepreneur human resources, but with the required potential is creatively trained. Indeed this type of training is considered as an activity used for transferring the required knowledge and information for the development of skills and entrepreneurial. This would increase, improve and develop the skills and abilities of non-entrepreneur human resources. Entrepreneurship training may be considered as the main factor for the development of developing the abilities of creating economic value. Entrepreneur human resources training is an efficient tool for governments and universities to develop a knowledge-based economy. In fact, today entrepreneurial curriculums in developed countries have become one of the most important and most extensive activities in order to develop entrepreneurial skills and human resources. These curriculums often include entrepreneurship training objectives, entrepreneurial curriculums’ content and appropriate methods for skills development. The growth trend of entrepreneurship and the impact of entrepreneurship trainings in late 1980s followed by the development of special entrepreneurship trainings in 1990s show that entrepreneurship trainings not only lead to the quantitative growth of the development of skills in entrepreneurial human resources, but also lead to the transformation of entrepreneurial generations and the improvement of the entrepreneurial skills level. Keywords: Training, Human Resources, Skills Development, Entrepreneurship