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Metamorphosis Of Water Of Life Myth In Mystic, Lyrical And Contemporary Persian Literature

As a systemic device, language is a statement tool for the creator of literary works. When creating works, the poet and author use all language devices to transfer the emotions, feelings and attitudes connected to his/ her internal and external world to the readers through linguistic signs and on the other hand, the reader also forges an emotional relationship with the author’s work and affected by it. One of these tools is the poet’s perspective toward the past. The enjoyment of poets and authors from the myth of water of life in three different periods of Persian Language History and literature as well as transformation of this myth to different lyrical, mystical and contemporary types is the subject of the present study. Water of life bears a specific significance in stories and narrations of different ethnicities and religions around the world. The authors of the study try to find out what perspective made the poets and authors of different periods of Persian literature to be able to change the myth of the water of life due to their beliefs, to transform its functions and features and to use it to serve their literary text as they desired. Keywords- Myth, Metamorphosis, Water of Life, Lyrical Literature. Mystic Literature, Contemporary Literature