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Operating Factors Affecting Human Capital Management For 21st Century

Human capital is considered as one of the most important assets for any organization. The purposes of this research were to study the components, strategies, changed in leadership, skills, and human capital management as well as to provide ways to enhance and develop the components, strategies, changed in leadership, and skills that affecting human capital management. This was a mixed research method. A total of 300 sample group was surveyed by using the quantitative method and purposive sampling was conducted from five major companies. An in-depth interview was utilized for qualitative method. The findings of this study would provide information to help to understand the problems and setback faced with modern organization and would benefit the business organization to enhance the skill and quality of their human capital. Moreover, the findings from this study can be used for policy makers to set up proper policy for human capital management and apply to other similar business organization. Keywords- Human Capital, Management, Operating Factors