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Role Of The Cognitive Screening Tool In Early Dementia Diagnosis

Dementia diagnosis is a very complex task at its early stages because its various subtypes have the same symptomatology. Moreover, it becomes difficult to detect mild cognitive impairment with age because with aging, there is an increased prevalence of both health illness and sensory deficit. Therefore, a short screening tool is required to define a clear boundary between symptoms of normal aging and mild cognitive impairment as well as between different subtypes of dementia before proper diagnosis. Screening of dementia in developing countries is a challenging task due to educational and cultural versatility and only one cognitive test is not enough to screen out demented subjects in mass population. The aim of this paper is to analyze need, benefits and difficulties during the selection of cognitive test for a cognitive screening instrument to facilitate interdisciplinary approaches of early dementia diagnosis with least assistance of clinical person for the increasing population of a developing country. Keywords: Dementia, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Cognitive Test