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The Efficiency Increasement Model Of Delivery And Receiving Empty Containers At Container Depot In Bangkok, Samutprakarn And Chonburi Province

Thai logistic and supply chain need to be improved with global logistics. Empty container receiving needs to be more effective and efficiency in the operation. The purposes of this research were to study the process of receiving empty containers and factors that influenced the effectiveness and efficiency of empty containers as well as to create a model to increase the level of efficiency of receiving empty containers. This research utilized the Delphi technique with 25 key informants who were working in the areas of logistics, transportation, and directly involved with the process of delivery and receiving containers. The major study areas included Bangkok, Samutprakarn, and Chonburi. The benefits from the results of this study was the model to increase the level of effectiveness and efficiency of receiving empty containers. Keywords- Containers, efficiency Delivery, Empty Containers, Depot