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Elderly Person Quality Of Life Development Strtegies Of Chaiyaphom Provincial Administration Development

The purposes of this study were to identify living quality of the elderly in Chaiyaphum Province, to investigate factors that influenced living quality, and to propose living quality development strategies for the elderly in the study area. Independent variables comprised the following: (1) 5 sets of policy factors for the elderly including the national policy, policy of Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, policy of Ministry of Interior, policy of Chaiyaphum Province, and policy of Chief Executive Provincial Administration Organization; (2) external and internal environment of Chaiyaphum Provincial Administration Organization; (3) situation and demand of the elderly in Chaiyaphum Province; (4) scope of power and authority in development of living quality; and (5) development capacity of living quality for the elderly. Dependent variables included 3 strategy classifications for the development of living quality for the elderly, which covered social assurance, governmental aids, social welfare for living, health, residential area, job and income opportunities, recreation and social. Keywords- Quality of Life, Elderly Persons, Strategy Development