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The Political Parties And The Economic Driving Policy Of Thai Tourist Industery

Political parties and its policy had a tremendous impact to national economic policy. The purposes of this research were to study factors supporting politics that affecting the decision to invest in tourist industry from foreign investors in Thailand during 1996-2014 and to study the context of policy determination from political parties that affecting the economy of tourist industry during 1996-2014, and to study problems and obstacle and impact on tourist industry from political parties during 1996-2014. Primary data and secondary data was collected by utilizing qualitative method. Purposive sampling was conducted to obtain 10 informants. The research method was done by document study, in-depth interview, and observation. The findings of this research were to understand the problems and obstacles that affected the decision to invest in tourist industry of foreign investment as well as to recommend ways to enhance the successful public policy for tourist industry to be used as a role model for other policy to national development. Keywords- Tourist Industry, Political Parties, Economic Driving Policy