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Pracharat Policy And Human Resources Developent To Response To Plastic Industry Cluster

Pracharat policy is a new policy aimed to allow the high level of participation from people in every section. The purposes of this research were to study and analyze current problems and obstacle of Pracharat Policy to plastic industry cluster, to study concepts and principles of Pracharat policy for human resources to response to plastic industry cluster, and to the tread of Pracharat policy to develop human resources for plastic industry cluster. This was a qualitative research which aimed to conduce document study as well as semi-structure research and the use of non-participant observation. The findings of this research were to understand the problems and obstacles of the Pracharat policy in terms of human resources, to implement Pracharat policy in proper way to increase the stability of Thai economy, and to set up proper strategies to manage human resources according to the Pracharat policy. Keywords- Plastic Industry Cluster, Prachrat Policy, Human Resources