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A Comparative Study of Geometry Problems in Junior Secondary Mathematics Textbooks from US, Singapore, and Indonesia

The primary aim of the study is to explore the similarities and differences problems (mathematics question) in geometry though analyzing the contents of the junior Secondary school (grade 7-9) mathematics textbooks of California, Singapore and Indonesia. A content analysis has been taken in this study, by comparing the distribution patterns of the quantities of problems representing various kinds of applications in the selected textbooks. In this study, it was found that the totally of all the problems until 23.107 in geometry subjects. Class practice was the most analyzed in function of problems which have been given in the end of sub topics in geometry textbooks in California and Singapore but different in Indonesia. In the other hand, the similarities from California, Singapore and Indonesia have used non-application become the most than application problems in textbooks. Non-application problems were more used to convey the knowledge to student before using application related to student’s life. Suggestion to various sectors of education and ways to improve the mathematics are given. Finally, for the future research, the deep analysis can be produce in every part includes teacher and student activity how they wil use mathematics textbooks in classroom Keywords - Comparison of study, geometry problems, junior high school.