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Wind Power Generation

Renewable power generation systems have been recently getting more and more attention due to the cost competitiveness, and are environment friendly as compared to the fossil fuel and nuclear power generation. Besides the conventional renewable power generation such as hydro and pumping storage, wind power generation has been considered as the most cost effective with developing potential. The increase of unit size and enhancement of performance with higher loading factor and reliability have made wind power generation more attractive and its unit generation cost becomes very competitive as compared to traditional fossil generation. The main objective of most of the wind energy systems is to extract the maximum power available in the wind stream. However, the wind regime varies continuously and thus the system controllers should be updated to follow these variations. This paper is intended to apply fuzzy logic control techniques to overcome the effect of the wind speed variations on the parameters of the wind turbines and their controllers. Keywords- Fuzzy Logic, MPPT-Maximum Power Point Tracking, Power Coefficient, Pitch Angle