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Properties Of Hf-Al-O2 Films Induced By Modified Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition (PEALD)

Changes of the preferred orientation as the film thickness changes are frequently observed in various films and the film thickness itself influences the properties of thin films. In addition, the properties of doped thin films depend on the dopant concentration as well as the position, bonding, and spatial distribution of the do pants. Therefore, the effect of film thickness and Al dopant distribution on the dielectric constant of Al-doped HfO2 films should be investigated for their successful application. When using a conventional super cycle consisting of the Al2O3 and HfO2 sub cycles, the dielectric constants of Al-doped HfO2 films rapidly decreased as the film thickness decreased. This decrease was mainly due to a change in the preferred orientation from (200) to (111), which originated from the total free energy change of the films under 100 nm. In this poster, we introduce an efficient and dielectric constant enhancement method for Al doped HfO2 thin films at highly thin thickness. The ALD process provides precise control over the average dopant concentration due to its digital, self-limited reaction. And the number of dopant atoms deposited per layer in the host material is controlled by the ALD saturation coverage. Notably, our modified-PEALD process utilizes dopant distribution strategy, and is controllable to (200) preferred tetragonal phase having an enhanced dielectric constant. Keywords - Atomic Layer Deposition, Hf-Al-O, preferred orientation, property