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Attributes Involving Bus Service Quality In Dhaka City By Discrete Choice Model

Bus service quality is remarkably important that influence user travel choices having significant dominance in the improvement of living condition of the urban residents. Passengers’ perceptions of service performance and the role of these perceptions in travel decisions are necessary to improve the bus service quality. The aim of this study is to measure overall customer satisfaction and to investigate the related service quality attributes that influence the most. Accomplishing the research objective, a questionnaire survey was conducted on five major locations of Dhaka City to achieve passengers’ perception. 1000 regular city bus users of different profession participated in the survey in March, 2015. The result investigates that important service aspects such as mode of transport, reliability, travel time, availability of seat, cost, availability of female/disable/elderly people seat, cleanliness, overcrowding condition and safety are the important attributes that effect the bus service quality most. Binary logit model was developed to explore the important attributes and their effect on overall bus service quality. The findings of this study can help bus operators and authorities to establish more attractive measures to improve bus service quality. Index Terms— Bus Service Quality, Passenger Perception, Binary logistic regression model.