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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy In Substance Abuse

Background: Since anger and aggression have been developing notably in society and, especially among the patients depending on the substances used, this study was done to investigate the effect of anger management based on group education among the patients depending on substances according to cognitive behavioral approach called Patrick Reilly. Methods: In this interventional project, all the patients, having the criteria to participate in the study, were tested to find their aggression level. Then, the participants were divided randomly. The first group received 12 educational sessions based on group therapy and Partick-Reilly’s anger management by focusing on using a combination of cognitive intervention, relaxation, and communication skills. The data were analyzed using SPSS16. Results: The findings showed a significant difference between the two groups after the intervention. (p=0.001), but no significant difference was seen between aggression level and demographic variables. (p> 0.05). Conclusion: The finding of this study can be used in establishing self-management and decreasing anger of the patients, depending on substances. It can also be used as a therapeutic program in addition to pharmacotherapy in the mentioned patients. Trial registration: IRCT2016102030398N1 Keywords - Aggression, Anger management, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Substances abuse