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Performance Development Of Bio-Voltaic Cell From Arum Leaf Extract Electrolytes Using Zn/Cu Electrodes And Investigation Of Their Electrochemical Performance

The medicinal value of Arum (Colocasia esculenta) Leaf is historical. Many researchers have conducted research on its nutrition. But electricity generation from Arum Leaf extract is not conducted research yet. The arum leaf extract generates electricity in Zn/Cu and Al/Cu based electrode cell. This cell is useful in anywhere of the world. The chemical and electrical characteristics have been studied on Arum Leaf electricity production system. By the SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) image morphological characteristics have been studied of Zn, Cu and Al electrodes before electricity generation and after electricity generation. We have studied metal content of arum leaf extract by AAS Machine and UV – Visible Spectrometer. We have identified the bi-product hydrogen gas by GC (Gas chromatography) process during electricity generation from Arum Leaf extract. We have also found Zn – based bio-fertilizer and methane gas. On the other hand, the voltage regulation, internal resistance ,energy efficiency, capacity, self discharge characteristics, discharge characteristics with load, pulse performance and temperature effect have been studied during electricity generation by this AL cell. We have also studied the chemical and electrical characteristics of Zn/Cu based electrochemical cells. Most of the results have been tabulated in graphically discussed. Keywords - Bangladesh, Cell, Arum Leaf, Electricity, pH value, Bio-fertilizer.