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The Makers’ Knowledge Exploration Approach During Problem-Solving Processes - A Case Study Of Homemade Air Boxes

The maker movements have demonstrated rising and flourishing developments throughout the world. A maker is equipped with the optimistic and innovative characteristics so that he/she accumulates the knowledge that is required for design and creation by his/her own approach. This makes a maker different from a professional who has been trained by stereotyped design education. Due to the growing concerns about the living environment, the fabrication of air boxes was selected as a case study for the investigation of the makers’ knowledge exploration approach during problem-solving processes. The case of each individual maker was reviewed according to his/her own descriptions. A procedure of creating an air box was proposed in this study and the conclusion of this study is threefold depending on the knowledge exploration approach as follows. (1) Printed books and digital resources are equally important. (2) E-commerce is also one of the learning channels. (3) Striving for immediate benefits. It is expected to provide the amateurs in this territory with effective and transferable knowledge exploration behaviors. Keywords: Maker, Problem-Solving Process, Knowledge Exploration, Air Boxs