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Factor Affecting Hospital Choice Of Hospital

Hospitals are complex organizations both providing health services and providing educating services and hotel services. The fact that many services are given together negatively affects patient satisfaction and adversely affects the preference of the hospital. Because of competing hospitals and increase competitive conditions, hospitals have to providing better health service for their preference in health sector. The aim of this study is to examine the factors affecting hospital selection of patients. For this purpose, a survey study was done on patients who were served from a private hospital. The research was done between June and December months of 2016 year. The questions of survey have consisted two sections. In the first section there are nine questions to show demographic factors that belong to participants. On the other hand in the second section eighteen questions were asked factors effecting of hospital selection using five point Likert scale. 483 peopleparticipant the research. As a result of the factor analysis three factors has been obtained. These factors are named institutional factors, suitable factors and environmental factors. According to 5% significance, a significant correlation was found between the level of education of the participants and the institutionalization of the hospital, in the study. Keywords - Hospital, hospital choice, patient satisfaction