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A Study Of Growth Determinants In Small Scale Agro - Processing Industry

Small scale industry is one of the biggest contributors to any economy and the growth of these firms depict wellness about the country. However, it is very essential to understand about the growth pattern of these firms. Some of the major determinants such as firm size, managerial networking intensity, skill development of employees, product diversification and market integration are well highlighted along with Employee skill development and use of information technology. To attain growth, small-sized agro-based firms should move from a traditional product-focus strategy to a flexible market-focus strategy. This paper aims to study the growth determinants of small-sized agro-based firms in the Indian agro-industry. The census sampling method was used to collect information through a structured pretested questionnaire from sample agro-firm in Pune district of Maharashtra, India. Data was then analyzed with the help of Chi-square statistical tool to test the hypothesis. Keywords - Small scale, determinants, agro-industry