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Influence of Misalignment and Backlash on Spur Gear Using FEM

The main objective of this work is to investigate the influence of shaft misalignment and backlash on the stress generated on the spur gear. Finite element analysis using ABAQUS software is used to determine the stresses and deflections on gear tooth. Three-dimensional finite element model of pinion gear engaged with a solid gear is created. The material is considered homogenous and isotropic with a linear elastic behavior. The gear pair contact position is chosen to determine contact stress assuming small sliding and dry friction contact. Appropriate loading and boundary conditions are considered. Based on the simulation, the influence of different values of misalignment angle and backlash on equivalent stress is examined. It is observed that the highest misalignment angle resulted in the highest generated tooth stresses. Moreover, it can be concluded that the results of this research should be helpful in the design and manufacture of spur gears. Keywords- Finite Element Method, Stress Analysis, Misalignment, Backlash.