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Development Of Tourism Affected By Culture

Tourism, which brings individuals and human communities into contact, and through them cultures and civilizations, has an important role to play in facilitating dialogue among cultures. Cultural and natural heritage, that attracts so many tourists, and is a resource for development, is, fortunately, distributed throughout the world, thus providing an additional opportunity for many non-industrialized countries. As we know, tourism industry is related to culture and economics, and developing the case in a society affects on sociology and it would be important in development of a country in some aspects. Raising awareness, educating and training the staff concerned, is essential in involving communities in the process of conserving and enhancing their heritage. It is the involvement of all that will enable the heritage of humanity to be better preserved, living conditions to be improved and poverty reduced. Preserving cultural and natural heritage, to bring it within reach of all, making cultures and civilizations better known, improving daily living conditions and reducing poverty, is what gives meaning to the sustainability of tourism development. However, these objectives depend upon the quality of the design and the implementation of tourism policies and activities - that is to say, their understanding of culture and their sustainability - which involves the participation of communities in the preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage in the long term. Further, the cultural tourism plays a significant role in the recovery of some districts zones, localities or towns. Keywords- Tourism Industry, Culture, Development.