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Optimization Of PCM Melting Temperature To Reach Zero Energy Buildings

Passive design is a basic element of a cost-effective zero energy building design. It is usually not purely passive but having energy conservation concepts and active mechanical renewable energy generation systems. This concept has gained much international attention and now represents the main future target for the building’s design. On the other hand, Phase Change Materials (PCMs) are substances in which the heat at the solid-liquid phase transition point is used for storing large amounts of thermal energy at a certain temperature, thereby increasing thermal comfort. Therefore, this paper addresses, analyzes, and optimizes the dynamic energy modeling of the effectiveness of using PCM as a passive technique integrated with the zero-energy building envelope. The modeling tool TRNSYS has been used to investigate the impact of PCM on the thermal comfort perceived by the occupants. Results show that using thermal storage will cut down the annual energy consumption by 15.09%, reduce global warming, and heal the environment. Keywords- Melting Temperature, Zero Energy Building, Phase Change Material.