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Some Reflections On Environmental Protection And Sustainable Development

This paper begins with analysis the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development that has determined the society to recognize and become aware of the importance of environmental factors as well as of the functions and services that the environment offers to us. We can say that the sustainable development of the environment, has as its goal the improvement of the negative effects of environmental pollution having in regard the need to satisfy this generation needs while ensuring the liveliness of the environmental factors for future generations The situation regarding the environmental protection and the right to health and quality of life is of great actuality and urgency. For this reason, the integration of the issue of the environment protection within the European Community policy is the main modality for ensuring the protection and sustainable development. In this paper, we want to prove that environmental protection and sustainable development must be considered in the determination of the line of action both at national level as well as at the level of the entire European process. Regarding the functions and the importance of forests, the problem of sustainable development in this matter represent a priority and this is why both the Romanian and the European legislator have adopted specific legal provisions in this area. Gradually, we notice that the environmental objectives are promoted by the European Union beyond the borders of the member states, aspect which alone constitutes a more efficient re-dimensioning of the communitarian policies with the purpose of realizing a real protection and sustainable development. Keywords: Environment, Pollution, Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development, European Legislator, European Policy.