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An Empirical Study Regarding Regional Intellectual Resources And Regional Economic Growth

The objective of this research is to prove quantitatively the influence that regional intellectual resources exert on regional economic growth. With the transformation of an industrial structure, in particular in developed nations, the importance of intellectual resources, like advanced technology and intellectual property, may be increasing in relation to material resources and financial resources, such as productive facilities, among the managerial resources of a company. For example, an intelligent industrial cluster like Silicon Valley, U.S., is a typical case. In this research the relationship of intellectual resources and economic growth was empirically analysed among the regions in Japan. As a result, the number of registered patents, the number of highly educated professionals, workplace diversity, and so on were shown to be correlated significantly with regional economic growth. On the other side, universities’ intellectual property, international joint research, and so on were not significantly correlated with economic growth. On consideration, positive rotation between economic growth and innovation by intellectual resources may have taken place. In addition, universities’ research ability, the internationalization of research, and so on are the regional subjects in Japan. Keywords - Intellectual resources, Regional economic growth.