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The Requisite of Insolation

“Alternative energy is a future idea whose time is past. Renewable energy is a future idea whose time has come.”- Bill Penden Humans require and utilize energy in all walks of life. Energy is the dynamism derived from the usage of physical or chemical means, especially to work automobiles. Energy is an essential element of a man`s life. Energy can be broadly classified into two types: Renewable energy and Non-renewable energy. Solar Energy is a type of renewable source of energy. Solar Energy is the energy derived from the sun's radiation. It is mobilized using the latest technological devices and apparatus. Solar energy is necessary for the survival of man and is vital to support life on earth. Solar electricity helps man to provide a source of clean and low cost renewable energy. Since, India is a rapidly growing market of mobile phones initiatives are being taken by leading companies to induce Solar Powered Mobile Phones in the market. These mobile phones are being introduced in the markets in order to reduce the usage of chemicals, fossil fuels and alternative fuels. This Research Paper discusses about the forms of energy and focusses on the concept of Solar Powered Mobile Phones and the methods to store solar energy for its usage in the future. It even aims to find solutions to the problems faced by countries devoid of solar energy. Index terms- Heat, Non-renewable energy, Renewable energy, Solar energy