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Metrology Education Impediment - What Do We Need to Do?

Metrology, which is the science of measurement and its application, touches almost every part of our daily life. Despite the enormous scientific, technical, economic and social relevance of metrology, it is generally unrecognised in educational courses. Most curricula in technical fields don't even mention the subject. This paper considers with particular interest, the impediments to metrology education, with the aim of enhancing university awareness of the significance of metrology topics and the need for it to be introduced into university level academic curricula. The paper is keen to support academic institutions in developing metrology program curriculum in universities. To demonstrate the necessity of metrology education, this paper examines its significance and the consequence of it being undervalued in science, engineering and medicine. The paper formulates elementary metrological topics which should at least be part of university academic curricula. Keywords- Metrology, Education, University, Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine