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Analysis Of Accountability Of Smart Classroom For Sustainable Higher Education System

We present the design, implementation, and initial results of a system for remote lecture attendance based on real time interactive smart classrooms to accommodate remotely located students. A remote student is modeled with a real-time video sprite. The sprites are integrated into a geometric model that provides a virtual extension of the classroom. The virtual extension is rendered and projected onto the back wall of the classroom. The remote students are displayed at a natural location within the field of view of the instructor, who can conveniently get a sense of their body language and of their facial expression. The system has been deployed in a first classroom and a pilot study indicates that the system promises to deliver quality education remotely. The system relies exclusively on commodity components, therefore it can be deployed in any classroom to allow any course to offer distance education seats. Keywords- Interaction Techniques, Virtual Reality, Distributed/Network Graphics, Real Time Applications