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An Efficient Process To Measure The Cost Of Re-Engineering Project

In software development, accuracy and efficiency of cost estimation methodology for web based application is very important. Existing systems are usually re-engineered because it is cheaper to re-engineer them than to redevelop or to replace them. Software estimation is a step by step approach to estimating the cost & risk analysis for every project. Estimation areas of the software development are size, effort invested, development time, technology used & quality. At that time, re-engineering projects were being calculated on the basis of the size alone, without consideration of complexity and quality. In the meantime, we have learned a lot more about how the complexity and quality of the software affect re-engineering costs. Re-engineering is an alternative to redevelopment, to purchasing a standard package or to doing nothing at all. This paper presents a tool supported procedure for coming up with such an estimate. Keywords- Cost Estimation, Redevelopment, Re-engineering, Risk Analysis and Software Estimation