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Debt Analysis of Cooperatives Member in Thailand

The research objectives were to study 1) debt comparative analysis of household and cooperatives members in Thailand 2) influencing factors to create debt of cooperatives member in Thailand. Secondary data and primary data were collected by using the questionnaire. The numbers of 400 members of agricultural cooperatives. saving cooperatives, housing cooperatives and credit union cooperatives were selected as sample size. Statistical methodology were applied for data analysis, 1)descriptive statistics such as frequency, percentage, mean and 2) inferential statistics such as Chi-Square and Cramer 'V. The research results, the structure of household debt has fluctuated over the years 2006-2015 follow the economic situation. In 2015, average debt was 156,770 baht / household. While the debt of cooperatives member tends to decrease with the steadily declining growth rate. In 2015, the average cooperatives member debt is 96,267 baht / household. Reason for borrow of mostly cooperatives member is inadequate income. The majority of members do not owe other financial institutions and informal financial sector. Number of outstanding debts with other financial institutions approximate 50,001-100,000 baht. Cooperatives members borrow from other financial institutions, mainly to buy the property. Cooperatives member borrow from informal financial sector, mainly to spend on consumption and have an average debt of about 10,000-50,000 baht. In terms of the values / attitudes, the statistical significance of correlation between debt of cooperatives which are 1) the social image creation 2) various entertainment 3) religious faith 4) income projection, 5) installment purchasing 6) buying comfort car. In terms of the necessary factors for the consumption, the statistical significance of correlation between debt of cooperatives is the medical expend. Key words - Debt, Cooperatives, Thailand