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Social Media Influencer- A Lifestyle or a Profession of the XXIst Century?

Internethasbecome the most consumed medium by millenials who are the young generation of consumers (according to Brand Builder). Theowners of the most popular (followed, liked) channels on the social media tend to have an impact on their audience (which consists mostly of millenials). The impact is so strong that business brands, which have the same target groups, start the cooperation with social media opinion leaders to promote their products. Social media opinion leaders are called (digital) influencers. Theyhave strong relationship with their audience and are able to shape customer behaviour significantly with the help of communication on their social media channels (Brown, Hays: Influencer Marketing: Who really influences your customers?).Influencers live certain lifestyles or have some achievements that make them popular on social media platforms.On the other hand, they work as brand advocatesand create content that they distribute on their channels to promote brands. Influencersseem to docomperative job of digital marketers and publishers. The main purpose of this paperis to discuss whether digital influencer is just a certain lifestyle or has become a new XXI century profession?International study on influencer markteing from indaHash will be helpful to take a deeper look in this topic. The paper isalso the basis for my further PhD research oninfluencer marketing and study on social influence in the Internet. Keywords - Millenials, influencer, social media, digital marketing, brand advocacy