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Examining Sightseeing Tourists’ Motivation, Satisfaction, and Behavioural Intentions of a Destination: Evidence from an Island Tourism

Tourist’ motivation, satisfaction, and behavioural intentions are three important concepts that have been widely studied in the context of tourism literature; however, there is yet little research directed at island tourism. The study aims to provide insights into the motivations, satisfaction and behavioural intentions of tourists who visit sites associated with tourism in Kinmen Island of Taiwan. Based upon an empirical investigation, the study draws upon the effective responses of 500 tourists who have visited this island. The study results indicate that tourist motivations are directed at personal service, attractions, and physical facilities of the destination, and are positively related to tourist satisfaction. Furthermore, satisfaction is confirmed to mediate the affect of tourist motivation on behavioural intentions. The research findings are expected to theoretically contribute to a better understanding of the motivational attributes affecting visiting intentions in island tourism, and how they represent a basis for increasing tourist satisfaction and behavioural intentions with reference to tourist loyalty. The motivational mechanisms and factors explored in this study may be considered to be incorporated into marketing strategies. Additionally, the study results will also provide a viable basis for the island tourism authorities concerned to reevaluate the essence of its tourism industry in the context of the resources and attractions on an island. Keywords - Motivation, tourist loyalty, behavioural intention, attraction, resource, island tourism.