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A Virtual Reality Based Fitness Platform On Smart Tv For Elderly Life Well-Being Promotion

Both domestic and international research shows that the elderly lack of exercise seriously affect their life quality as well as physical and mental health. Therefore, with the integration of new technology in developing applications in life, we could promote the well-being of the elderly. It is expected that in the near future, smart TV is to the elderly what smartphone is to mankind, which is inseparable from daily life. With the advance of cloud computing, smart TV will become the next generation‘s "home media center". This study is aimed to introduce the integration of hardware and software motion sensing (MS-Kinect) to detect facial features, as well as the establishment of joints-coordinating module and the virtual coach module of aerobic exercises for the elderly. The platform is accomplished by Unity 3D that senses the body gestures, moreover designs gesture manipulation interface in motion sensing interaction. As a result, through a fitness program combining smart TV with motion sensing interaction and cloud services of cable TV, the elderly can take at-home aerobics exercises and do acupressure by themselves accurately to improve life wellbeing. In addition, the function modules can be the service platforms which the elderly could enjoy instant massages, share experiences, and connect with others. Index terms- The Elderly Well-being, Health-related quality of life, Smart TV with Motion Sensing, Acupressure, Virtual Reality.