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The Influence Of Opinion Leader’s Expertise Of Virtual Communities On Community Involvement, Information Trust And Sharing Of Members

At present, the network users virtually join various virtual communities and engage in daily network activities, including browsing, participating in discussions, transmitting and sharing their interested community information to their communities. This phenomenon shows that it can help the practitioners of e-commerce to obtain long-term key benefits, if the product information promotion can be done by virtue of proper and effective information sharing of members of virtual communities. However, there is little research on the information sharing among the existing virtual communities, and there are few levels of roles in the organizations of the virtual communities to explore the influence relationship of operational roles in both-side or multi-side organizations on information sharing in communities. However, this research has proposed the relationship structure of community involvement, information trust and sharing, and community information sharing based on the opinion leader’s professional degree in the virtual community. Finally, according to the results of this research, the management implications, research limitations and future research recommendations are presented. Keywords- Virtual Community, Opinion Leader, Expertise, Community Involvement, Information Trust, Information Sharing