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Some More Comparison Results of Proper Weak Splittings of Type II

Theory of proper splittings is effective in ending the iterative solution of a large class of rectangular (square singular) linear system of equations of the form Ax = b. In this connection, many convergence results are proposed for different subclasses of proper splittings in the literature. But, in some practical cases, the convergence speed of the iterative scheme is very slow. To overcome this issue, several comparison results are obtained for different subclasses of proper splittings. This paper also presents a few such results. In particular, we discuss comparison results for a subclass of proper splittings called proper weak splittings of type II. These splitting generalize weak splittings of type II, yielding results which can be implemented to find out a better splitting among many. Keywords - Linear systems; Iterative methods; Moore-Penrose inverse; Non-negativity; Proper splitting; Convergence theorem; Comparison theorem. 2010 AMS Subject Classification: 15A09.