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Groundwater Pollution Vulnerability Assessment Based Ondrastic Model And Its Validation Using Nitrate concentration

Effective management of groundwater resources has now become a global issue and on the other hand industrialization, deforestation and agricultural activities are potential sources of groundwater pollution. For groundwater management, groundwater vulnerability index assessment is an effective tool.In this study seven DRASTIC parameters were utilized to evaluate aquifer vulnerability uses in the Model. Aquifer vulnerability of the study area classi´Čüed into five categories such as very low (18.68%), low (23.84%), moderate (16.42%), high (23.72%) and very high (17.34%) vulnerability. To validate the DRASTIC Model, Nitrate concentration selected and found that it is 82.35% accurate which reflects that, DRASTIC Model is appropriate to understand groundwater pollution risk assessment. In the study area groundwater is contaminated mainly due to heavy application of fertilizer for agriculture purpose. Present study will be helpful in proper management and development of available groundwater resource in the study area. Keywords - Groundwater pollution, Groundwater vulnerability, DRASTIC Model, Remote Sensing and GIS.