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Investigation And Importance Of Immiscible Phase Flow Models: Computational Approach To Realistic Problems

If a situation arrives to discuss about one of the most challenging fields, then two phase flows would be preferred by most of the researchers globally. Many industries like oil and gas, petrochemical, cement, Thermal, etc. are highly emerging their two phase flow efficiencies for a healthier upshot. In this aspect, the present research has been made using a computational approach for two phase flows. The present work describes the outcomes, different methods and various numerical and mathematical models which are worthwhile in performing two phase modeling. Also, a brief application of the available two phase flow models like VOF, Eulerian and mixture models is prepared in the present effort. For a better understanding, a 3-D modeling is made for the considered model in the present effort. Keywords- Two Phase flows, Computational Modeling, VOF, Eulerian, and Mixture