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Determination of Antimony By Slotted Quartz Tube Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (Sqt-Aas)

Antimony (Sb) has harmful effects on human health even at very low concentrations. Therefore,it is very important to determine this element at trace level. Due to their low concentrations, very powerful methods are needed to detect this type of element. Also the method to be chosen should be faster, cheaper and simpler. Because of this reason, in this proposed study, to determine Sb, slotted quartz tube atomic absorption spectrometry (SQT-AAS) method was used because of the fact that this method has faster, cheaper, simpler and more sensitive to determine very low concentration of antimony in any real samples. The limit of detection (LOD) valuesare foundas 1.73 mg/Land 0.06 mg/L for AAS and SQT-AAS methods, respectively.